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Are you a valued customer or just a sucker who's paying too much?

As a customer who no longer needs to use a product or service, I do not enjoy being offered a highly discount price in an last-ditch effort to get me to stay with said service when I attempt to cancel.

Does this practice help retain some of the customers who might have otherwise continued to leave? Probably. But it turns me off, not only to that particular service but to the entire company. It immediately plants a seed in my mind that says “If they can offer this price to me now, now that I want to quit using their product, then really they’ve just been screwing me the entire time.”

It also reinforces this mentality that people have today that makes all of society think that if they just argue a bit more, they’ll get what they want. This “well maybe if I threaten to leave they’ll give me a better deal” mentality goes hand-in-hand with the “give it to me now” attitude that seems to be so prevalent today and creates a monster of a customer who is consistently nothing but a pain in the ass to deal with.

The whole idea is complete rubbish. As the noble, upstanding businesses that we all claim to be, we should be offering the best price to our current customers, especially to ones that have been with us for years. If you’ve already lost someone to the point that they’re canceling, giving the service to them is going to do nothing but prolong the inevitable and you’ll waste precious resources trying to please a customer who’s still going to leave you in the long run.

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