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Historious: your personalized Google

historious is quite possibly the coolest little bookmarking service I’ve ever seen. It gives you a bookmarklet that you can use to flag interesting sites and articles as you’re browsing the web. Then when you have a need to find information on a topic you’re pretty sure you’ve researched (and ‘historified’) before, you can just hop over to your historify search and easily rediscover everything you’ve previously run across on that topic. It basically creates your own personalized Google Search.

This service fits into my natural workflow much better than Delicioius or Pinboard ever could because I don’t have to tag anything. Historious crawls the site for me and pulls out the relevant keywords.

I regularly zip over to Google and search for something before I ever think of opening my bookmarks just because the search is so much faster and more accurate. Browsing my bookmarks has become somewhat of a secondary task for me, taken up only after I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to find the information in Google. I know it doesn’t make sense, but it’s the way I’ve grown accustom to working.

Now with historious, I get the best of both worlds.

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