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  • Historious: your personalized Google

    historious is quite possibly the coolest little bookmarking service I’ve ever seen. It gives you a bookmarklet that you can use to flag interesting sites and articles as you’re browsing the web. Then when you have a need to find information on a topic you’re pretty sure you’ve researched (and ‘historified’) before, you can just hop over to your historify search and easily rediscover everything you’ve previously run across on that topic.

  • Don't forget about your low-bandwidth users

    We’re out of town for the weekend and are pretty much out in the boonies. Cellular access is mind-numbingly slow at best, but I’m still trying to keep up with Twitter and my feeds while I’m here. I came a cross a link to the Forrst App Competition ( via the ThinkVitamin blog and decided to check it out.

  • Pandora vs. a brief comparison

    So I’ve been toying around with Pandora and the last couple of days, trying to decide which service fits my needs better. Here’s a quick rundown of my observations: Pandora Pro: The service itself is reliable Pro: iPhone app is brilliantly simple Con: Website is hideous Con: Have to pay (only $36/yr though) for a desktop app, which still isn’t native to OSX - it’s an AIR app. Pro: Has a native desktop app Pro: Scrobbling allows me to use my recent iTunes listens to influence r...

  • Twitter shaking things up with official iPhone app

    We’re fans of Echofon, but this should definitely shake things up. A lot of people already seem to prefer Tweetie, and if this acquisition results in shorter time between releases it could dominate even more. If they do things right this should always be the most “up-to-date” app because they’ll have pre-release access to all of Twitter’s newest features and have a head start straight out of the gate.

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