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  • An incredibly useful little utility hiding right beneath my fingertips

    minimalmac: The other day, I wanted to find out the web safe color of a particular item on the screen of my Mac for a web design project I was working on. My first step was to go searching the Internet for such a tool (preferably free). Then, in the midst of said search, I was reminded that this little tool was not only already on my Mac, did exactly what I wanted, but also did it better than any of the tools I was able to find.

  • Organizing your dock in OSX

    I’d always used DockDoctor in the past to organize my dock by adding spacers. Being the minimalist that I am, I really don’t like having to keep a program like this installed when I’m only using one minor feature. Turns out there’s a native way of handling dock spaces: Open Terminal Copy and paste, then press ‘Return’ to add a spacer (repeat this step to insert as many spacers as you like): defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}' Now restart the do...

  • A DIY guide to losing Twitter followers

    Step 1: Start a blog Step 2: Auto-import every blog post as a tweet It’s that easy! The lesson is: if I want to read your blog, I’ll subscribe to the RSS feed. I didn’t follow you on Twitter so I could see all your blog posts in my stream.

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