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RIP, 'Ping!'

Several months a game-changing messaging service was released for the iPhone: Ping! It allowed you to easily send and receive text messages with any other iPhone user who had the app installed. For free.

With nearly everyone in our family owning an iPhone, we immediately all but stopped using AT&T’s over-priced text messaging and quickly became fans of the service.

This week we had an impromptu iPhone party around the dinner table to introduce Ping!’s successor: WhatsApp.

WhatsApp brings an updated version of the same strategy that made Ping! famous: Offering free messaging between iPhone users via push notifications. WhatsApp ups the ante with several awesome features:

  • Slick, visually pleasing interface
  • Send media including photos, videos, voice messages, a map of your location, or contact info for anyone in your address book
  • Your phone number acts as your device identifier. No more trying to remember your friends’ usernames.
  • Automatic importing of friends in your address book who are using WhatsApp
  • More configuration options
  • Visual notification (via small checkmarks) when your message has been successfully sent AND when the recipient has opened WhatsApp and received the message.
  • Multiple platform support (iPhone, Blackberry, and soon Android)

And perhaps my favorite feature of all - it sends messages 2 to 3 times faster than Ping! ever could. At $0.99, WhatsApp is a welcome addition to my iPhone dock. Goodbye, Ping!, it was fun while it lasted :)

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